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Jane Sassaman quilt detail
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Jane Sassaman quilt detail
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Welcome to Dragon Threads...

Since its inception, Dragon Threads has strived to bring the most innovative techniques in the quilting and sewing worlds to the market. We are always looking for new ideas and twists on traditional art forms to inspire our readers. On shelves in bookstores, fabric stores and quilt shops all over the country, our ever-growing list of titles reflects some of the most cutting-edge, creative approaches to quilting and sewing. With her background in fashion and haute couture, Linda Teufel has an eye for the beautiful and unique. She has a knack for recognizing the exceptional talent in our impressive list of authors: Jane Sassaman,Noriko Endo,Judith Baker Montano,Philippa Naylor,Lorna Moffat,M. Joan Lintault,Vikki Pignatelli,Barbara Olson. World-class artists and teachers, many of these authors have received top international quilting honors and awards.